Conkered Wallpaper

So i have designed another wallpaper concept for you all to enjoy, let me know if you like this and it might just be released for all very soon... »

Calculating WPM

Calculates how long an article takes to read based on the number of words and the speed (in minutes) of which they are read. function calc_wpm($words, $speed) { $seconds »

Cubetures (Series 2)

That guy over there's favourite critters are back and this time they have brought their friends along to take control of your latest project. Cat Frog Gargoyle Guy Fawkes Leprechaun »

Windows hoax

As a growing concern to users of the Windows operating system, i would like to bring to light a scam that has been misleading entirely inncocent people into thinking that »

Cubetures Wallpapers

I had an interesting idea today, because I have had a lot of interest in my series of illustrations Cubetures, i thought it would be fun to turn a few »