In development mobile first development is thrown around quite a bit within the industry to tackle the problem that more people use their mobiles to surf the internet.

The problem here is this depends on the target audience and doesn't apply to every project, nor is it really a solution to the problem but instead a complete reversal.

The problem

The problem is that mobile experiences are often not put together in the best way and tend to haphazardly cascade into single columns rather than thinking about the experience being delivered on mobile devices.

The traditional approach would be to focus on the full-featured experience (usually desktop) and cascade down in the same manor in which CSS works but reversing that logic would only mean that desktop gets the sub par experience instead of mobile.

The solution

The solution is simple and adopt a platform-agnostic approach by creating a equally beautiful experience regardless of platform limitations. Sit down and think about the flow of the platform and design your experience around that.