As the age of email clients desends into the murky waters of oblivion. Users are running around in circles screaming violently in search for an email client they can rely on. One that's both intuitive and supported by it's developers.

Thankfully one has arrived and it's not just ok, its fantastic...oh and its called Mailbird.


The interface is both well designed and rewarding, giving you access to everything you need without taking anything away or dumbing it down. Let's take a closer look, shall we...


Firstly you will notice you are rewarded with motivational statements for acheiving inbox zero which may or may not be for you (an approach to email management for keeping your inbox empty at all times). You can also share your acheivement on your favorite social networks for being a badass and what not. If you fail to feel motivated then at least the email client seems happy, right?

The navigation sidebar (to the right), features the account switcher and access to inbox, stared, drafts, outbox, archive (hugh inhale) and of course notifications.

The account switcher (circle icon) which by default only shows you the current account you are using, hovering over this reveals the other accounts you have set-up giving you the ability to switch your account with ease.

Flyout Menu

When hoving over the senders image, you are greeted with the flyout menu that has a series of icons for all of the common email actions you would expect such as archive, forward, reply and delete.


Unlike a badly ported video game, it provides you with a whole plethora of settings to tailor your Mailbird experience to satisfy even the most demanding of users.


With support for apps, Mailbird breaks out of the traditional mould as they bring a whole new dimension to the experience, from attachment searching to a place to view you contacts. But this is only the start as the platform will eventually be open to developers to create their own (expect some crazy things to happen, guys).

Mailbird tightly intergrates with windows too, offering up some more technical features such as jumplists and quick actions (you know, those fancy buttons you get on live previews).


A touchy topic as always but you will be plesently surprised to know that Mailbird is entirely free, so what's the catch?

The catch is a friendly little footer that is attached to each email you send letting them know you use Mailbird but this can be removed if you decide to upgrade as well as get access to some more awesome features such as the upcoming Wingman and Premium apps.

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