Have you ever found yourself working on some code with others because if you have you will know how much of a nightmare it can be. Clashes and bits of code being exchanged, overwritten as well as the occasional dispute with your collaborators are amongst a few of the problems that this problem can cause. What if i was to tell you that this pain you are suffering can go away, well it can and comes in the form of an awesome little service named Kobra.io.


Kobra.io is a code collaboration service and like the name suggests allows you to collaborate on code with your friends, colleges and anyone else that you...well collaborate on code with.

Kobra.io is super easy to use and has many features from public and private link sharing to syntax highlighting and chat facilities. Best of all you can try all this for free but i would consider upgrading to a pro version to support the fantastic developer behind the service (that's right, this was made by one guy).

What makes Kobra.io so helpful if that you can have multiple people working on a single file, see where everyone is on your code and even chat to them via the voice, video and text chat facilities which means you can put those problems behind you and focus on what matters the most, creating kick ass code, together as one.

This is a very handy service to have and highly recommend any developer to check this out which can be done with the handy link below...