Blueniverse is somewhat of a strange project for me as it was my first in C# all though it wasn't always like that. The concept came around from my partner as she collected them and wanted a way to keep track on the ones she had, ones she wanted and ones she wasn't so fond of (turns out there's not many as they appear to be equally adorable in their own right).


The project began it's life in a product called Autoplay Media Studio, a part autoplay app maker and part software development tool created by the folks over at Indigorose. As the development continued it began to hit the boundies of what the software was capable of and I had to find something else with more power.

During my hunt for a suitable language to replace the old one, i also was brave enough to reach out to Carte Blanche to ask if they would be willing to support the application.

So development continued in C# and WPF and several little video demos were born showcasing the new features i was able to impliment including animated grass and twinkling stars on the loading screen (as pictured).

But soon after i received a reply stating they were not willing to support the application and development would have to stop, so it did and the source code made available on GitHub...